The NRW book case

The NRW book case was piloted in the 2021/22 – 2022/23 school years as part of the state program “Strengthening primary school education through HSU – multilingualism supports children’s educational success” and has been consolidated via municipal structures since the 2023/24 school year. It connects the elementary school as a place of education with the children’s home and gives them the joy of reading in many languages. One of the distinguishing features of the elementary school participating in the Bücherkoffer program is that schools, families, associations, foundations and politicians work together on the topic of multilingualism in teaching and school development.

Why do you support the NRW book case?

Alexander Raths, Auridis Stiftung gGmbH, Program Manager

Equal opportunities for all children! The book case program opens the doors of families. It offers the joy of reading in many different languages around the world and welcomes children and families from diverse backgrounds. That is why we support the NRW book case.

Bärbel Bergerhoff-Wodopia, Member of the Board of the RAG-Stiftung

When reading aloud together, the children listen to stories that make them laugh or that are so exciting that the parents don’t want to stop reading. This connects and arouses the children’s curiosity to continue reading later on. This makes reading aloud something very special that other media cannot replace. The RAG-Stiftung supports the book case to enable families in Gelsenkirchen, regardless of their origin, to have this experience.

What convinced you about the concept of the book case program?

Christoph Hein, Program Director, Municipal Integration Center Bielefeld

Promoting the joy of reading, parental involvement and multilingualism are undisputed goals. In my opinion, however, there are few measures that pursue these goals in such an effective and well thought-out way as the book case program. Sophisticated information and materials are available for each program phase. And the support from the coach@school e. V. team is unbeatable!

Commitment at a glance

In 28 schools and 102 classes in NRW

The suitcase rolls into 10 municipalities

Active since 2021

This is where the book case
rolls in NRW:

Solingen | Mettmann | Gelsenkirchen* | Bielefeld | Gütersloh | Siegen-Wittgenstein | Minden-Lübbecke | Hagen | Paderborn | Ennepe-Ruhr**

*with the kind support of the RAG-Stiftung

**Supported by the TalentMetropole Ruhr Foundation

Contact the Bücherkoffer NRW

Sina Luikenga

Location manager for Bücherkoffer NRW
coach@school e.V.